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HubSpot Training & Adoption. #MadeEasy

Every team member should have on-demand, contextual video training at their fingertips AND in the flow of work. JumpStart puts training and adoption RIGHT inside HubSpot.

Zero context-shift. No toggling screens. Just your team—learning HOW to HubSpot WITH HubSpot.

👉 On-Demand Training Videos

👉 Complete Tasks & Update Records w/ HubSpot

👉 Confidently Ramp New Team Members

👉 Shorten Time To Value

👉 HubSpot Better!


What's In 🚀JumpStart Training?

Seeing is believing—so here's a short(ish) overview to walk you through.



Ready 4 Lift-Off? 🚀🤔

Let's 🚀JUMPSTART your revenue engine with an ON-DEMAND HubSpot training program from certified experts who live and breathe HubSpot EVERY DAY!
🔥 Early Adopters! For a limited time—get 1/4th OFF setup and 44% OFF licenses. NO CODE NEEDED. Payment Link Below 👇.
👉 NOTE: This 🚀🔥 (rocket fuel) is included 4 ALL Squad4 customers.
🚨 IMPORTANT: Both HUBSPOT AND SUPERED accounts (sold separately) are required. JumpStart is NOT CURRENTLY available to HubSpot Solutions Partners.

Choose Your 🚀 Launch Plan...

Self-guided, on-demand, bite-sized HubSpot training—baked right into your CRM!
Because EVERY team member should ALWAYS have easy access to HubSpot training and basics (without leaving HubSpot)!
🚨 IMPORTANT: 10 User Minimum
🔥 JumpStart Training is ALREADY included 4 ALL S4 Onboarding and RevOps Customers.

From $4/user/mo
  • $999 One-Time Setup Fee (Required)

  • 3-Part HubSpot JumpStart Training (Account Setup, Features & Basics, Admin/Ops Core)

  • 35+ training cards w/ videos (bite-sized, contextual, ~2–5+min...). Advanced courses coming soon.

  • Unlimited Access to S4 HubSpot RevOps Resources w/ video guidance

  • Ongoing monthly HubSpot feature breakdowns, updates, and guides 4 your team to #LevelUp HubSpot & RevOps

  • 🚀👍 Early Adopters lock in base pricing AND receive access to 🚀 JumpStart+ when it launches.

🚀JumpStart Pro

From $X/user/mo
  • 👈 EVERYTHING in JumpStart, plus...

  • Access To More Content & Add'l Courses: 

    👉 JumpStart 4 Sales

    👉 JumpStart 4 Service

    👉 JumpStart 4 Marketing

    👉 JumpStart 4 CMS

  • Access To Premium Resources, Workbooks, & S4 KnowledgeBase

  • 1x Annual 90min Solution Session

  • And More To Come...

Still Have Questions?

How long until we're ready 4 training?

Short answer: Less than 3 business days (typically)

Longer answer: Once you purchase—we'll coordinate to get access to your HubSpot instance and confirm partner access to a Supered instance for you. With both of those, we can get the entire training program setup 4 you.

Why a kickoff meeting?

Short answer? We want to make sure EVERYTHING is smooth. 

Longer answer... We'll just confirm access and cover the basics with you so you have everything you need to move forward confidently. We'll help you rollout training and also schedule 60 min session with your core ops/training team so that everyone has an opportunity to experience the program and ask questions.

What happens during our workshop?

On-demand, automated video training is incredibly powerful—but tech and automation is NO excuse to remove personalization.

We are going to run through how the program works, the core functionality included, and make sure that you get the most out of JumpStart Training.

It's about adoption. Of course ;)

Why a one-time setup fee?

We are going to ensure that everything included in our training program rolls out and is pre-configured in your HubSpot and Supered Instances for you. Plus, we're going to spend our time to ensure you have all the tools and training to use it. (plus you have all of the videos).


Why not DIY? Why an annual fee?

Are you in the business of HubSpot? Why would you increase friction and spend your valuable time and resources maintaining training?

We live and breathe HubSpot. We're going to make sure you ALWAYS have the latest videos, training materials, and more—right at your teams' fingertips.

This is HubSpot as a service.. No.. This is better. This is an entire RevOps business model, training, and coaching program for your internal ops—all for dollars/user/month.

If you're not drooling over that. 🤷‍♂️🤷🏽‍♀️ That's ok.

What about HubSpot Partners?

We are currently working with select partners on a JumpStart 4 Partners program. Stay tuned.

Do you offer nonprofit discounts?

We sure do.. Email us and we can talk through our JumpStart 4 Nonprofit program.

Have Questions? Not 4 Long.

Let's Talk About Your HubSpot 🚀Training Plan!

We're helping organizations streamline their onboarding and training, build frameworks for operations, and better support their CRM users.

Drop us a line and we can schedule a short tour. Just tell us a little about your goals, challenges, and team composition.

NOTE: We'll respond ASAP. We are operating on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis. 

Better Adoption In T-Minus... 5.. 4..