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About Squad4 🚀🔥

Just your friendly neighborhood HubSpot, RevOps, and CX junkies. But you can refer to us as "The Squad" or your "Growth Squad" or whatever you like. Labels don't matter like results do.


Help B2B Teams Implement Consistent, Reliable, & Scalable Revenue Growth.

We help growth-minded B2B teams grow better with fractional revenue operations and GTM expertise.

We know that adopting new tools and ways of working (change) is challenging. Our goal is to make those transitions as easy as possible and help our clients overcome the pains associated with growth. We've worked with HubSpot for years and seen first hand how powerful it can be in helping teams grow better—together.

Your growth is our bottom line. We don't consider ourselves successful—until you are.


Meet The Squad

Small but mighty. Squad4 is made up of a small core team of cross-functional, multi-domain experts that operate on a different level. We create experiences 4 our clients that they ❤️  using and that their customers remember.


Scott Flanigan

Founder, Head of Growth

Joe Burchard

Head of RevOps

Lauren Guillory

Marketing Delivery Lead

Coming Soon

RevOps Strategist

Our Core Values

S  |  Service-oriented

We are always seeking to serve our customers, our continued growth, and our well-being!

Q  |  Quality. Period.

Quality or bust. For our customers, for our thoughts, and new products. If it's not worth doing right (at least in the long-term) it's not worth doing at all.

U  |  Unrelenting

Patience is NOT passive. Patience is relentless action and improvement towards goals knowing that actions will result in success. We aim to make waves. (And ride them 🌊🏄‍♂️)

A  |  Action-oriented

There's only one way to start.. Just do it. Don't tell me—show me. Lead by example. We'll learn from our mistakes.

D  |  Be Daring

The world is shaped by people who dare to dream, perform, act, and make change. That's who we are.

4  |  4 Squad & Self

Our customers are #1. Ensuring their success gives us life. Next—take care of one another. This means respect, honesty, transparency, and commitment.

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Tactical Resources & Insights to Take Your RevOps & HubSpot To The #NextLevel!

Hungry For Growth?

Who's On Your Squad?

We pride ourselves on not only punching way above our weight class—but helping you and your team adopt the mindset, tools, and processes to do the same.