Do. Grow. Repeat.

Career Opportunities

Are you a driven, inspired, and "growth-minded" problem solver? Eager to learn, help others grow with tech, and be part of a tight-knit squad? If so—you're in the right place.

Why Squad4? Simple.

We not your typical agency. We're a lean (yes.. "small") team of HubSpot, RevOps, and digital experts with a passion for designing and building intuitive experiences that people actually enjoy using. 

We believe our size and approach are strengths. We believe work is more meaningful—and produces better results—when we are surrounded by respectful, collaborative, creative problem-solvers.

If you like rolling up your sleeves and taking ownership. Awesome. If you believe that who you work with is as important as what you're doing. Great. Read on.

Our Core Values

1  |  Be Passionate

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”

- Greg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

2  |  Commit

Great things take time. Obstacles are inevitable, but if you stay true to the path—results will come.

3  |  Have Integrity

Do the right thing. Period. Doesn't matter who's watching. You'll know.

4  |  Be Collaborative

Our powers combined… Together, we are better equipped to overcome challenges and achieve great things.

5  |  Be Courageous

The path isn’t always easy. Speak your mind, make tough decisions when needed, admit when you’re wrong, & always be true to yourself.

6  |  Be Curious

Always feed your desire to explore and experiment. Learn something new every day and growth is inevitable.

7  |  Be Respectful

Our unique backgrounds and experiences offer perspective. Respect ensures everyone’s input and value is heard and included.

8  |  Be Transparent

With honesty and acceptance of ourselves, others, and the challenges presented to us—we will overcome and grow.

9  |  Be Responsible

We can't always control the events we face—but we can take responsibility for how we respond to them, our actions, and how we choose to grow.

Open Positions

We're always on the lookout for awesome Squad members that embody our core values and drive to do great work and continuously grow!

If you think you're a great fit—we want to hear from you!

Ready For A Squad That Delivers?!

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By the time you want or need data to make decisions—you're already behind the 8 ball. We help B2B teams put in place the strategy, tech stack (i.e. processes & data model), and discipline to accelerate #winning with HubSpot.