Do. Grow. Repeat.

Career Opportunities

Are you a driven, inspired, and "growth-minded" problem solver? Eager to learn, help others grow with tech, and be part of a tight-knit squad? If so—you're in the right place.

Why Squad4? Simple.

We're a lean team of RevOps and Digital experts that are focused on IMPACT 💥.

We not an agency—we're a strategic growth partner. We believe HubSpot is THE BEST (hands down) platform to build your success engine on. We get 🔥'd up about helping SMBs design and build processes, experiences, and a culture of data/adoption that drives revenue and growth. 

We believe our size and approach are strengths. We believe work is more meaningful—and produces better results—when we are surrounded by respectful, collaborative, creative problem-solvers.

If you like rolling up your sleeves and taking ownership. Awesome. If you believe that who you work with is as important as what you're doing. Great. Read on.

Our Core Values

S  |  Service-oriented

We are always seeking to serve our customers, our continued growth, and our well-being!

Q  |  Quality. Period.

Quality or bust. For our customers, for our thoughts, and new products. If it's not worth doing right (at least in the long-term) it's not worth doing at all.

U  |  Unrelenting

Patience is NOT passive. Patience is relentless action and improvement towards goals knowing that actions will result in success. We aim to make waves. (And ride them 🌊🏄‍♂️)

A  |  Action-oriented

There's only one way to start.. Just do it. Don't tell me—show me. Lead by example. We'll learn from our mistakes.

D  |  Be Daring

The world is shaped by people who dare to dream, perform, act, and make change. That's who we are.

4  |  4 Squad & Self

Our customers are #1. Ensuring their success gives us life. Next—take care of one another. This means respect, honesty, transparency, and commitment.

We're Looking 4 Recruits...

We're always on the lookout for awesome Squad members that embody our core values and drive to do great work and continuously grow!

If you think you're a great fit—we want to hear from you! Don't forget... your resume AND a short video intro!!

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