December 11, 2022
Squad4 is a strategic RevOps—and HubSpot—Partner. We specialize in helping growing B2B Tech teams align their customer-facing teams and prepare, actualize, and manage their revenue engine. Successful revenue engines and CRM don't build themselves—that's where your growth squad comes in!
Articles By Squad4

B2B Lead Generation Tactics & Examples For 2022

B2B lead generation is tougher today than it’s ever been. Organizations seeking to generate higher-quality leads and ...

Nurture Leads Through The B2B Sales Funnel: ToFu, MoFu, BoFu

Competition is fierce out there. Selling effectively—and managing your B2B sales funnel (ToFu, MoFu, & BoFu)—requires ...

WordPress or HubSpot CMS? Which CMS Is Right For Your B2B Website?

WordPress or HubSpot CMS? Whether you’re building a new website or redesigning an existing one—choosing the right CMS for ...